Innovation Mindset

Collaboration accounts for more than 70% of innovation

The formula for success is not what you think it is!

February 11th – you know what that means! No? Well, it’s National Inventors’ Day, and we should all celebrate! Without our inventors, where might we be? Humanity’s inventiveness is what sets us apart from every other species on this planet, and it’s through our inventions that we can see our own progress as a species….


May the best team win

Teams, mindset and performance. Nowadays it’s almost impossible to avoid being a member of a team. If you’re not on an official team at work, chances are you function within one, one way or another. Today’s teams are different from the teams of the past: They’re far more diverse, dispersed, digital, and dynamic (with frequent changes…

Mindsets can fuel sustainable innovation

How embracing both fixed and growth mindsets simultaneously can fuel sustainable innovation Gaia and Andrew Grant Is it more important to focus on sustaining and maintaining current operations, or to focus on survival in the future? This can be a critical question for organisations recognising the need to remain both enduring and competitive. As the…

Why do some work teams outperform others?

I noticed an upcoming conference titled ‘humanification – focus on people. Now and always.’ Too often the focus of leaders continues to be on structural organisations – not empowering those who actually make up those organisations. And data backs this up. Recent Gallup Reports highlighted that only 13% of the workforce were engaged at their…

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