Icebreakers for Remote Team Building

I’ll let you in on a secret. To make any online team building session successful, follow 2 tried-and-true rules: Always start with an icebreaker. Make it visible. The first thing Tess and I do in any team building session with remote, virtual or blended teams, is to engage the participants in a way that recreates…

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How To Lead a Thriving Remote Team

Many of us now accustomed to working remotely. While it was not our decision to do so, it’s definitely here to stay. But whether you’re leading a remote team, or working in a remote team, everyone can contribute to help the team thrive. Once upon a time, team building was obvious and routine. But as…

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How can leaders future-proof their workforce?

It goes without saying that our working lives have changed. And as Covid-19 becomes part of everyday lives, leaders need to stay ahead of the game; to continually reassess the risks of remote working including the emerging risks of returning to the office. It’s also vital to be informed by the latest trends and research….

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How Covid is changing the team landscape

For most, the transition to remote working has been successful thanks to technology and our ability to adapt in the face of adversity. And now, after several months of remote working, the data shows some surprising and unexpected benefits and risks. Microsoft Teams has moved from 40 million users to nearly 100 million in just…

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People first, technology second. Leadership in changing times.

This blog is a preliminary report of an action learning project currently underway. Hargraves Institute has been coaching the leadership team of an ASX company for nearly 12 months. Performance has been strong with sales and the share price higher today than October 2019. In October 2019, an executive offsite activity highlighted what was necessary…

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Remote Work vs. Remote Teamwork. Another conundrum!

There’s lots of help and support for individuals who suddenly find themselves working from home. But what about the team and team dynamics? How do you keep individuals working as thriving high performing teams when working remotely? How does HR provide team-building opportunities and resources for team leaders working remotely? How do HR and team…

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Building team dynamics for remote teams

There’s lots of help and support for individuals who suddenly find themselves working from home. But what about people dynamics? How do you keep individuals working well together? In the face-to-face world, we have ways to build links with others through non-verbal cues and informal conversations and chats. Different faces, voices and expression add interest….

Awny receiving his Hargraves Innovator Award

How do you keep employees engaged, motivated and connected in the digital world?

Culture building is a unique challenge for organisations at this moment in history. There are well-documented advantages of working from home, including increased productivity, employee satisfaction and reduced costs. However, the major challenge, even in normal times, is maintaining a positive connection to the company values and keeping the culture alive. So how do you reinforce…

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