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Are you ready to grow?

Plato once said, “The beginning is the most important part of the work”.

After a tough 2021, teams are now under pressure to hit the ground running. But leaders need to make space and time for their teams to pause, reflect, and plan. While many will naturally want to focus on growth through improved productivity and team performance, the problem is knowing where to start.

After studying teams for many years, one of J. Richard Hackman’s most significant findings was his 60-30-10 Rule. That is:

  • 30% of the variation in team effectiveness is attributable to how the team is launched
  • 60% to the team’s design, and
  • 10% to leader coaching once the team is underway

How you start will determine 30% of your team’s effectiveness.

In modern teams, building connections and engagement are essential. Focus on strengthening relationships between co-workers and welcoming new team members. Review team values and culture and set a clear team purpose for the new world of work. 

As our Morton Case Study shows, tools such as Collaborizza are a cost-effective way to build values and culture in small and large teams.

How you collaborate each day will determine 60% of your team’s effectiveness.

With over 50 million subscribers, teams worldwide use Microsoft 365 as their collaboration and productivity platform. For most, the rapid roll-out due to lockdowns meant team members had to learn on the run. As we know from our friends at Swoop, the proper use of Teams and Yammer is a powerful productivity tool.

Consider, are you still wasting time looking for attachments on emails, trying to find the latest version of a file or having multiple video meetings that could be replaced with a discussion in a Teams channel? Helping your team maximise collaboration in Microsoft 365 will increase productivity as part of your 60% of team effectiveness.

Customised for Microsoft 365, the new 6 TeamPlays pack of strategy and practice cards has been designed to help teams address 6 of the most common productivity issues. 

Tool tip

Explore the Modern Workplace Canvas for improving collaboration using Microsoft 365.

How you coach yourself and others will determine 10% of your team effectiveness.

Whether you have a formal or informal leadership role in your team, coaching yourself and others makes up the final 10% of team effectiveness. All coaches use tools to engage their teams and improve outcomes.

An essential element of our ‘People First’ approach is empowering leaders, teams and organisations with tools and habits to embed collaboration and innovation through hands-on learning and practice. Our tools page now includes over 30 downloadable tools and resources.

Products such as Conversation Cue Cards give leaders an element of confidence and know-how to coach themselves and others. 

Through better productivity and team effectiveness, potential growth is a reality.

‘Are you ready to open up?’ Not just a great question but also the title for Chapter 2 of Professor Christian Stadler’s new best-seller ‘Open Strategy’. 

“And in case you are wondering whether it works: a survey of 200 business leaders shows that although open-strategy techniques were deployed for only 30% of their initiatives, those same initiatives generated 50% of their revenues and profits.”  (Ref

As a Professor of Strategic Management at Warwick Business School, author, Hargraves global partner and well-renowned expert on strategic innovation, Christian is particularly passionate about “open innovation” and how organisations can grow and adapt to achieve sustainable competitive advantage, with a focus on innovation capability and diversification. 

What can you do about it?

For a DIY approach, follow the links to explore the most relevant tool or product and put it into practice with your team.

Need some help? Contact us to chat about collaboration,  innovation and our See Think Do methodology.

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