A Quest For Innovation​​

Develop a ‘People-first’ Approach with our step-by-step guide

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Over 20 years of research, we’ve identified 4 core areas for enabling high performance: people, process, ideas and collaboration. We call it a ‘people-first’ approach.

Written for leaders and teams (of all shapes and sizes), this ebook shares the secrets to long-term performance, improvement and growth. 

Explore our step-by-step process, tools and methods, including:

  • Why is innovation important to you?
  • What are your team goals for innovation?
  • What are you good at (your innovation maturity level).
  • Your team’s priorities and performance.

And develop an action plan for success.

Why is this resource free?

Hargraves Institute was established in 2006 by 12 leading organisations who shared a vision to help Australia become more innovative through collaboration and ‘collective wisdom’.

Today, we uphold their vision by turning our research, expertise and collaboration into DIY tools that benefit everyone.

A Quest for Innovation

Downloadable tools to inspire innovation and ideas...

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A Quest for Innovation

Written for leaders and teams (of all shapes and sizes), this ebook shares the secrets ...
Tools & Ideas

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