Allan Ryan and Einstein

A new formula for the future

Where do you start? Ask yourself 3 questions.

  1. Do you truly understand the changing needs and aspirations of your customers, non-customers and the wider community in which you operate?
  2. Do you work collaboratively in teams and between teams, internally and externally, to deliver better, faster, and with fewer resources?
  3. Do you continually transform your business model, technology, products and services through disciplined design, innovation and balanced risk-taking?

Do you have the people, and proven tools and methods to grow in a decade of uncertainty?


Albert Einstein famously said,

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a DIFFERENT result.”

In the post-2020 world, I say once again and with even more conviction:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the SAME result.”

Before 2020, before Coronavirus, we mostly knew the formula for success. Programs like agile, lean, design thinking, LSI, OCI, EX, CX, were well-trodden paths for organisations.

Post-2020 we need a new formula which builds on current strengths and responds to the new world order.

How do you make the post-2020 journey? What does your organisation need to focus on?

It is now more important than ever to develop the resilience to deal with the challenges of a VUCA world. What’s VUCA? Volatile, Uncertain, Chaotic and Ambiguous.

  1. Mindsets – diversity and community
    Mindsets shape your perspective – how you frame situations and challenges, and how you activate your knowledge and skills. Diverse perspectives create new options and insights to deliver better solutions for the whole community.
  2. Goals – alignment and collaboration
    It will be more important than ever to focus on goals that are meaningful and strategically aligned. Pinpoint exactly what you want to achieve and say no to the extraneous. Make sure that everyone knows the what, the why and the how. Build healthy collaboration through shared goals and genuine engagement.
  3. Capabilities – action and innovation
    Capabilities represent specific skill paths that underlie and support the achievement of your goals. They create confidence and the space for action when there’s no time to lose. Focus on developing skills and attitudes to deliver real outcomes.

Where do you start?

The post-2020 world assumes everyone has access to technology, and more and more we are all using the same technology; think Office 365, Facebook, Salesforce, to name a few.

Before you start using this new formula, assess the strengths of your team, your organisation and yourself, then chart your course for the future.

We’re all in this together, so if you’re not sure where to start or wondering what’s working (or not working) in other organisations, contact us. We’ll share some ideas.

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