24 minutes a day for your learning to matter

In Josh Bersin’s “The Disruption of Digital Learning: Ten Things we have learned” he revealed that employees are feeling “overwhelmed” and in reality, only have “24 minutes a day to learn”.

This means that it’s important for organisations to make their time and money count by investing in learning programs that embrace both micro and macro learning elements. These need to be supported by ongoing coaching to ensure people’s competence, capacity and confidence to adapt and innovate in a changing world are developed.

Macro learning involves learning a whole new domain, where people need to continuously inject new skills, information, moods and mindsets, behaviours and connections to:

  • Move and speed up their learning curve until they become experts at innovation so that they can teach and coach those they lead and interact with.
  • Create space for learning “on the job skills” through practice, repetition, and continuous questioning about why something didn’t work, within a coaching context.

Whilst microlearning involves what we can quickly learn, view or consume in short periods of time. This is why we recommend clustering microlearning activities, or “learning bots” as we call them in our innovation coaching programs.

Josh Bersin suggests that what really matters is your organisation’s culture is your people’s career successes and coaching. In ways where people feel safe, empowered and have permission to participate in on the job experiential learning where they can learn from mistakes; supported by effective performance data and collaborative rather than competitive rewards systems within a culture of learning to imagine, create, capture and scale hidden value in an increasingly complex and dynamic world.

If we want to seriously achieve 21st-century success, sustainability, then we must work harder at making people matter – what can you think or do differently to make you people feel valued and appreciated?
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Written for Hargraves by our partner:
Janet Sernack, Innovation People Leader, Consultant and Coach, ImagineNation.

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