Bringing together innovation leaders and practitioners, to share experiences and learn from the wisdom of the community, is just one way we deliver continuous improvement.  Hargraves events deliver on their promise to build your social capital, expand your thinking and reveal new insights.

Stepping Up - women, innovation and leadership

21 & 22 November, Sydney CBD, NSW 

Big thanks to our host BGIS.  THIS EVENT IS NOW FULL

Facilitated by Catalyst Exchange, visit for more information. This unique program, our last for the 2017, is not about changing women – it is about helping them make the most of their strengths in the contemporary workplace.

In a highly interactive environment you will explore both the barriers and the opportunities for women in the workplace. You will reflect on your experiences to better understand yourself and your goals, and you’ll learn how to create greater impact at work and how to communicate it.  This program includes a two-day workshop and is highly relevant for people with well-developed professional skills who work in a demanding, complex or highly regulated environment and want to step into a leadership role.  Most importantly you will:

  • Take charge of your career
  • Discover and play to your strengths
  • Develop positive leadership habits and practices
  • Create and maintain healthy teams

Idea Management Leaders Forum

15 February 2018, Sydney CBD, NSW

Limited seats available, book your ticket now !

Idea management is an essential element of successful innovation systems. Experience shows that the performance of idea management varies greatly across organisations. As a new capability, idea management is continuing to develop in a rapidly changing world of innovation tools and techniques.

This Leaders Forum addresses the challenges of operating a successful idea management system in large organisations and will be facilitated sessions using the Collaborative Circle technique.

Why should you attend?

  • Be inspired. Independent facilitation provides access to the latest experiences and thinking.
  • Learn from current practice. Stories from large and small organisations give insight into successful approaches.
  • Network and exchange ideas. Connect with your peers in similar and diverse organisations.
  • Identify simple changes that have an immediate and lasting impact.
  • Avoid making mistakes. Make use of the only forum that brings real experiences out into the open, for attendees to learn from and build on.

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