Bringing together innovation leaders and practitioners, to share experiences and learn from the wisdom of the community, is just one way we deliver continuous improvement.  Hargraves events deliver on their promise to build your social capital, expand your thinking and reveal new insights.


Strategic Innovation Approaches
- a view from the top

Leadership Forum, 23 May, Pyrmont, NSW

Big thanks to our host Domain Group

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For Board and C Level Executives, balancing the need for strategic innovation with responsibilities to mitigate risk, govern and comply, to ensure business continuance, is a serious challenge.

Hosted by Domain Group and organised by the Heads of Innovation Forum and Hargraves Institute,  Kyle Loades, President and Chairman, NRMA, Mark Cohen, CTO, Domain Group and Dominique Fisher, CEO of Paddl and Non-Executive Director, Australia Post, will explore their approaches to innovation and address the challenges the Board and Csuite need to overcome  to embrace innovation and drive change.

innovation metrics

Innovation Metrics, ROI and Dashboards

Leadership Lunch, 15 June, North Ryde, NSW

Big thanks to our host CSR

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Consider the following questions:

  • What are the different types of innovation activities happening across your organisation & is there a useful way to classify them?
  • What data needs to be captured to inform stakeholders of innovation progress & impact?
  • What does success look like for your innovation activities?
  • What are the hard and soft metrics you need to demonstrate ROI?
  • Who would benefit most from a dashboard view of your innovation activities?
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