The Collaboration Canvas was designed in conjunction with Phil Preston and Jane Cockburn for Hargraves members.

It’s a one-page tool that helps with the rapid development of advanced collaborative strategies.

Created in response to problems that companies and practitioners face when trying to convert initial ideas into meaningful projects and business innovations, this tool is especially suited to projects, workshops and education sessions, allowing individuals, teams and diverse groups to work on operational or strategic initiatives.

The tool ensures that value being targeted through the formation of the collaboration is the focus, and that the conditions are right for a sustained initiative.

The tool was co-created by Jane, Phil and Hargraves’ Allan Ryan, who are experts in design thinking, shared value and innovation respectively. This same trio also developed the Shared Value Canvas – a specialised version of the Collaboration Canvas. The Shared Value Canvas is suited to collaborations involving for-profit business where the aim is to address societal issues and improve business competitiveness at the same time.

(Jane and Phil are both Hargraves Global Partners and share their expertise with our members.)