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Launched in Sydney on Valentines day 2017, the purpose of this DIY Guide is to share with you the exercises from radicalCX so you can easily run this workshop with your own teams and customers.

The radicalCX DIY Guide outlines the three exercises used by 55 participants during the workshop.

Liberating structures are designed to creatively include and engage everyone and are a great way to start any group workshop. Used at radicalCX, 1-2-4-all is a fun way for people to meet each other, find their voices and share their ideas.

Collaboration circles is a method you might use with customers, partners in your supply chain or internally as a precursor to customer interviews and workshops that seek to better understand CX challenges before you explore and invest in solutions.

Customer journey mapping, as a follow-on from the 1-2-4-All and the collaboration circles, is a great way to record and visually represent all the main elements. Journey maps, as a summary of what to focus on, can be printed in large format and posted around the workplace so everyone can see what is important to improve customer experience and their role in the process.

This DIY Workshop Guide is freely available to encourage organisations to innovate around customer experience.