Developed after 10 years of building Collective Wisdom with members

Sharing the secrets to long-term performance improvement and growth.

The Hargraves Innovation Audit isn’t a traditional audit. Developed in conjunction with members, it’s a workbook designed to start a conversation and help identify your innovation goals and objectives for the next 12 months, and determine how Hargraves and the membership can help.

The Audit is offered to all corporate members, with Hargraves providing ongoing support to action key objectives over the course of membership. We don’t do your innovation for you; we help you do it yourself. We:

  • Connect you with members who will chat, one on one, and share their specific, relevant experience – what worked (and what didn’t).
  • Share our experience based on what’s been done in the past.
  • Connect you with global partners and experts.
  • Identify common trends across the membership to incorporate into our agenda when planning groups, events and speakers.

You can download an extract of the Hargraves Innovation Audit. The full version of this workbook is exclusive to Hargraves corporate members, however A Quest for Innovation is based on the Audit and is freely available.

If you’d like to chat to us about how corporate membership could help with your innovation strategy, please contact Leisl Kimber, Member Services.

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