You know WHY innovation is important but what about the WHAT and the HOW?
How to improve innovation? How to build capability and culture of innovation? How to innovate with customers? What knowledge works to innovate? What sounds great but doesn’t deliver? Who knows what it takes to be innovative.
Hargraves has the HOW, the WHAT and the WHO. Designed with members to address real issues, our tools give you the skills and tools to unleash your potential for greater innovation success. For you, your teams and your organisation.

Our vision is to make Australia more innovative, and so we offer free pdf versions of many of our tools.

Tools for Leaders

White Paper: Good Is The Enemy Of Great

The truth is that good performance on a steady state offer doesn’t cut it anymore. People and teams have to be more resilient, more adaptive and more collaborative to maximise learning and change.

This White Paper examines the research around understanding the drivers of resilience, adaptability, innovation, change and collaborations, and proposes next steps to build resilience.

Hargraves Innovation Audit

Not a traditional audit, the Hargraves Innovation Audit has been designed to start a conversation with your leaders of innovation, to help identify your innovation goals and objectives and how Hargraves an help.

Changing the innovation climate

A guide to changing the innovation climate in your organisation.
A whitepaper by Hargraves partner, Tess Julian.

A Quest for Innovation

If you lead a team – no matter how large or small – this step by step guide will help you determine your team’s innovation strategy – where you’re at, where you’re going and how to get there.

Governing innovation for performance

Written by Allan Ryan for the Australian Institute of Company Directors

The Collaboration Canvas

Governing innovation for performance. This 1 page tool helps with the rapid development of advanced collaborative strategies.
Tools for Doers

radicalCX DIY Workshop Guide

Use liberating structures, collaboration circles and journey mapping, to understand your customers’ jobs-to-be-done and improve customer experience.

123 Innovate® Collaboration Cards

The 123 Innovate® Collaboration Cards have been developed for all situations; for individuals and teams everywhere. Find out all about them here.

Make It Happen template

Helping innovation happen using our template to complement the 123 Innovate® Collaboration Cards.

123 Innovate® Individual Deck

Helping you ask the right questions

123 Innovate® Team Deck

Helping you and your team ask the right questions

123 Innovate® Placecards

Explaining the background to 123 Innovate® and ‘See Think Do’