Hargraves’ Mentoring Program is complimentary for corporate members

Organisations join Hargraves to improve innovation performance and build an innovative culture. Individuals engage to improve their leadership of innovation, develop their knowledge and map their innovation journey.

This approach is a mutually rewarding relationship for mentors and mentees alike.

Our mentoring program uses peer-to-peer interactions with diverse participants sharing unique experiences, with the common goal of building innovative cultures in respective organisations.

This program offers
  • Matching between mentor/mentee based on individual goals and experience.
  • Access to insights & research to help you & your team.
  • Knowledge sharing to understand and build an innovative culture.
  • Workshops run by Hargraves’ experts.
Program benefits

For Mentees

  • Understand and apply proven principles of innovation.
  • Identify where you are on your own innovation journey.
  • Learn from experienced leaders and innovators.
  • Build your own network with peer Hargraves members.

For Mentors

  • Build your network of different and interesting people.
  • Receive individual guidance and support from Hargraves.
  • Share your perspectives and reflect on differences.
  • Help mentees become leaders of innovation and catalysts for change.

For Your Organisation

Build a team who:

  • Understands the importance of thinking differently.
  • Can apply innovation knowledge across any area – product, process, service etc.
  • Are the foundation for your innovative culture.
  • Collaborates externally for inspiration and new thinking.
The details
How does it work?

The Hargraves Mentoring Program is ongoing, able to be customised, and exclusive to corporate members.

Step 1

A phone call with your membership contact to identify mentees. We’ll help you select 3 individuals for ongoing mentoring over 12 months.
A mentee team of 3 people is recommended for best results.

Step 2
Delivery of a ½ day in-house workshop, ‘A Quest for Innovation’, followed by a mentee round-table with Allan Ryan to discuss individual next steps. Allan will understand the role and challenges of each mentee to help select the right mentor.
Your other team members can attend this workshop.

Step 3
Delivery of a follow up ½ day in-house workshop* “How to build an innovative culture” to understand and foster a culture of innovation in your organisation.

Step 4
Up to 3 mentoring sessions with a matched Hargraves mentor.

Step 5
A wrap up mentee round-table with Hargraves to plan your next steps.

Mentees will also be encouraged to attend other relevant Hargraves activities.

* Each workshop is for up to 18 participants including identified mentees.

Who will benefit?

Team leaders responsible for developing and building an innovative culture in their organisation.

Future leaders looking to develop their experiences through diverse activities.

Individuals who are involved in innovation activities in your organisation.

Be A Mentor

The Hargraves Mentoring Program is an opportunity for experienced members to give back; to share their insights and knowledge one on one; and contribute towards making Australia more innovative.

Mentors will be invited from our community and matched with suitable mentees.

Mentors will develop their own networks, learn from new connections and take away new experiences.

Being in a mentor team is a leadership development opportunity.