Our Programs

As they say, “why reinvent the wheel?” Our programs have been developed hand in hand with members to solve a real problem; to provide training on innovation tools and methods; and to build a culture of innovation. Peer members benefit from enhanced and cost effective programs which are developed and updated to address changing member needs.

Proven in practice – designed using the experience and knowledge of our membership community.

Delivered with a focus on collaboration – with participants from our diverse community connecting and sharing insights unique to their industry/sector to inspire new ideas.

Hosted – by members who enjoy full hosting benefits (including complimentary registrations) and the opportunity to showcase their business.

Hargraves coordinates all aspects of each program, with delivery by one or more of our local experts. Where relevant, programs also benefit from support by one of our global experts.

(Any program may also be customised to address a specific, confidential issue for in-house delivery.)

Our Tools

Inspired by members and countless conversations, our tools are the compass for your innovation journey. They point you in the direction.

Our Groups

Our Solutions