``Absolutely brilliant experience. Ability to learn insights/experiences from others. Networking opportunity. Ability to look outside own industry. I am super energised by this experience and can take a lot back to our group.`` Suncorp

Hargraves Institute uses the experiences of our members to provide you with the leading innovative practices to address your issues and help you, whether you are an individual, a team leader, or responsible for innovation and leadership training and development across your organisation.

For You

Whether you’re the Innovation Manager, tasked with delivering innovation within your daily role, or passionately interested in innovation and trying to get your company on board, Hargraves can help. Via your company’s membership, you can access member groups and exclusive activities, programs tools and techniques that are designed to help you on your innovation journey.

For Your Team

If you’re a leader, whether at team, department or organisational level, then we understand the challenges of your corporate innovation journey – creating a strong culture, developing your leaders, coming up with new ideas or products, whilst still meeting company targets. We understand because we’ve helped other members on similar journeys.

Hargraves activities, tools and techniques are designed to help building a culture of innovation, inspiring your up and coming leaders, engaging and encouraging your people to develop ideas that will deliver your competitive edge. We can also introduce you to peer members who have been on this journey – their innovation stories will inspire you to create the future.

Our Hargraves Community is:

Our people – not just our experts, but also local and global partners. This highly experienced mix of individuals have not only “led” innovation but have “done” innovation within major organisations. As part of Hargraves’ team, they have also worked across all sectors, private and public, small and large, to deliver customised, innovative solutions to members.

Our members – individuals practicing innovation everyday in their varying roles, and sharing their experiences and learnings with other members.

Conversations – the ones that we have with our members to identify what’s changing, what we need to focus on, what our programs, events and training,  need to deliver to address specific member issues.

Through our community, we know who’s tried what – different ideas, systems and techniques; what’s worked, what hasn’t worked; what members think about them and who’s thinking about using them. And through our community these learnings are shared, developed and evolved.