New Members

Upon joining Hargraves, our first goal is to identify your innovation goals and challenges so we can work out how we can help – who we can introduce you to, what you need from us, what we need to help you do.
Our second goal is to connect with as many of your people as possible to start to develop a culture of innovation.

By connecting with people across your organisation, we are able to engage them, to help them think differently. We introduce them to relevant groups and activities to maximise the membership and help them become more innovative.


Upon commencement of membership, an Annual Member Review is carried out in order for us to capture your issues and priorities and connect you to the right people whose experience and/or expertise can help you become more innovative.

In tandem, we strive to ensure that your people are continually engaged and connected through:

  • Providing one on one introductions to members who can help you with your issue, either through past or present experience.
  • Presenting to your staff onsite to outline the opportunities the membership offers including current activities and groups; what other members are doing; and how we can help.
  • Welcoming and providing every new member contact we meet with information on your membership.