At Hargraves we believe that an artfully asked question, an alternate insight, or a shared learning can lead to exciting new steps in the innovation journey. The power of Hargraves is that while those next steps are often different across our diverse membership, the steps taken by one member can stimulate that elusive ‘aha moment’ in another member.

Our challenge has always been the execution part of the stimulation, the linkage, the key question. How do we understand each member’s challenges and best offer counsel along the journey?

An Annual Member Plan is our answer, developed to be carried out between your Member Advocate and Primary Contact to help identify performance opportunities in areas such as Leadership and People, Innovation Process, Innovation Action, and Collaboration Mechanisms.

From this, we can review where and how Hargraves can best contribute and add value to assist participants in meeting their strategic and operational objectives. Your Annual Member Plan actions will be tailored to address these objectives.

In conjunction with each Annual Member Plan, we will identify which planned Hargraves activities will help address your goals, and may discuss the development of new programs and activities which we can design, either confidentially or as open activities, to help you on your innovation journey.

Membership of Hargraves includes your Annual Member Plan with coaching and mentoring to help monitor your membership and progress your innovation journey.