Building Innovation Capability

Our difference is community.

Community led, Hargraves is a trusted network of people and organisations who embrace diversity to improve through innovation and sharing. Our members understand that great insights often come from completely different industries and sectors. By collaborating with like-minded people outside of their own area, members gain a new and different perspective.We catalyse our network, enabling members to learn from each others experience in order to drive their long term success.

The key to Hargraves is ‘Collective Wisdom’ – insights and learning shared between members through collaboration, trusted conversations and connections.

Membership of Hargraves is your access into this community and our 10 years of Collective Wisdom.

Whether it’s product, performance, service, process, strategy, top down, bottom up, breakthrough, incremental, transformational – anyone can become more innovative, because the more we share, the more we learn.

``This is an opportunity to create a contact network with companies from non-competing industries to share and exchange knowledge, experience and frustrations around the innovation process; and participate in innovation workshops, benchmarking and education.``

Cerebos (Australia)

Our members share a common understanding that successful innovation is essential to growth, and it is our purpose to provide members with opportunities to develop their capacity for successful innovation through delivery of a variety of services and activities.
Hargraves Institute management, members and participants are bound by the Hargraves Institute Charter.

Our core objectives

  • Provide members with a forum through which they can share ideas and knowledge through a network of contacts.
  • Act to strengthen business leaders’ understanding of issues surrounding innovation.
  • Build the capabilities of your employees to sustain an innovative focus and implement innovation within your organisation.
  • Support and encourage research into innovation.
  • Identify and promote best practice and techniques that encourage innovation.
  • Use innovation, continuous improvement and generation of knowledge to improve services to members.

Build innovation into your corporate DNA

As a community, we don’t do your innovation for you – we show you how to do it. We help you make innovation part of your “everyday” to foster ongoing success through innovation.

We’ll share what others have done (what’s worked and what hasn’t); we’ll connect you with a network of innovative people; and offer innovation tools and training developed with members, for members.

Corporate membership:

  • opens Hargraves to everyone in your organisation, with a wide range of opportunities and benefits designed for both leaders and doers.
  • allows any of your personnel to connect with members and participate in workshops and forums; host activities; and share insights with peer members.
  • includes an Annual Innovation Audit identify the barriers to innovation, your innovation maturity and innovation strategy, and an annual innovation workshop to address the challenges identified in your Audit
  • includes coaching and recognition, complimentary tickets and benefits for everyone in your organisation

For every working Australian

“We believe that every working Australian, given motivation, opportunity and ability, can innovate for the success of their organisation.” Allan Ryan, Executive Director, Hargraves Institute

Hargraves Individual Membership has been designed to lead innovation in Australia, to support SMEs and individuals who are keen to become more innovative and become more innovative. Individuals using all different types of innovation in their everyday roles; using tools and techniques to drive personal, career and company success.

Individual membership:

  • opens Hargraves to you with access to a wide range of opportunities and benefits, whether you are a leader or doer.
  • allows you to connect with members and participate in workshops and forums*; host activities; and share insights with peer members.
  • includes a review of your Innovation Career Gap Analysis and recognition accredited by Deakin Digital.
  • member discounts and benefits

* Some conditions apply. Full details of Hargraves Institute Individual Membership and Special Offer.