Aimed at senior executives who have responsibility for delivering the innovative aspects of the corporate strategy, or people who work for them.

This working group seeks to understand the management practices and processes needed for corporations to reliably deliver strategies that involve high levels of uncertainty (e.g. high innovation strategies). It is built on two premises. First, that strategy delivery involves generating more ideas than projects, and starting more projects than you will finish. Second, the process of generating and winnowing projects involves the simultaneous management of strategic processes (strategy articulation and translation into a set of projects), operational processes (ideation and project delivery), and capability processes (culture, organisational design, collaboration, etc.). As a group we operate in a number of ways, including guest speakers, facilitated discussions, and software demonstrations. At the moment, we are spending time discussing members’ questions. Members pose questions, our facilitator, Peter Cebon researches a comprehensive answer and uses that to guide an in-depth discussion (and uses the discussion to stress-test his answer). He then shares a thorough answer after the session.

Open to: All Members; invited guests (at Hargraves discretion)

These meetings are hosted, generally via video-conference between Melbourne and Sydney, and facilitated by our Strategic Innovation expert, Peter Cebon.

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