As a membership community, everything we do is designed or sourced at member request to address a member's issue. How can we help you?

What’s in it for me?

Your company has joined Hargraves, so what’s in it for you? Membership of Hargraves is corporate and covers everyone within your organisation, which makes you a Member Contact. 

Organisations join Hargraves because they want to become more innovative, and they recognise that sharing and learning with peers outside their own area is key to their success. What makes Hargraves different is we’re a community of members willing to share their experience to build Collective Wisdom. Hargraves doesn’t tell you how to do innovation, we help you become more innovative to find your right answer. We have:

  • Member Groups – through our trusted member community, you can connect with members with similar Areas of Responsibility/Interest. Learn form their experience, what worked, what didn’t – and share ideas.
  • Conference – our annual conference is a great opportunity to meet innovative people from our Hargraves community; to hear case studies from members; and be inspired by innovative people sharing new thinking.
  • Connecting – with over 10 years as an innovation hub, we know who’s tried what, done what, succeeded, failed. We often find that the best answers come from someone in a completely different organisation, industry or sector – and we can introduce you to members willing to share their own experience.
  • Activities – including programs, tools and workshops developed in conjunction with members to solve their issues, and to help you too.

Most of what we offer is free and/or exclusive, however Members also receive discounts to paid events with additional benefits offered from time to time.

So register your member details to start connecting with your innovation community.

Member Updates

Welcoming AGL Energy and Linfox Australia Pty Ltd as corporate members

Welcoming a new member