Hargraves Institute makes all efforts to comply with Australian Privacy Laws, Anti-Spam Laws and related National Privacy Principles.

Our Privacy Policy

Any personal information disclosed by you to us will be used for the purpose of identifying you and confirming your subscription and/or participation in our activities. If any financial information is disclosed by you or received by us, it will be only used for the purposes of effecting the transaction to which it relates, and will be destroyed immediately following completion of that transaction.

Personal information disclosed by you will only be used by us to communicate with you about our events, activities and services and stored securely through Act! Data Hosting. Hargraves will make every effort to ensure the security of this data but does not accept liability for any breach related to Act! Today’s security or actions.

Individuals who subscribe online will have their information stored securely through Mailchimp, and replicated on our Act database. Hargraves will make every effort to ensure the security of this data but does not accept liability for any breach related to Mailchimp’s security or actions.

Our Act database is stored on virtual servers built for strong privacy and security with an independent file system and customised firewall. OS updates are installed automatically alongside the latest and most secure version of the related operating system. Automatic backups of data are performed nightly and stored for 14 consecutive days.

We will not share or provide contact details to any third party including without the individual’s permission. You may request a copy of your details at any time by emailing Leisl Kimber.

Email Policy

Email is our main tool for communicating upcoming activities and information which is of interest to members and guests including our newsletter, invitations and special announcements.

Main membership contacts receive all general circulated information so they can review and distribute as relevant.

Any individual may subscribe to receive information direct including our newsletter, announcements, invitations.

From time to time, we may email targeted information, articles or invitations to individuals who we know and have specifically identified as relevant to the identified offering.

We take spam policy seriously and do not send spam emails, or give out email addresses without permission, or send emails to people we don’t know, or source email details from other parties, or provide your contact details to any third party without the individual’s permission. Member contacts who wish to connect with other members direct do so through direct introduction via email or LinkedIn or by connecting through our Linked In Member Group.


For any queries regarding our policies, or to unsubscribe and/or be removed completely from our database, please contact Leisl Kimber or action the link in any related email.