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What is the Hargraves Institute for Innovation?

Hargraves Institute is a trust-based innovation hub. A unique and exclusive community for major enterprises to share knowledge, wisdom and experience about building innovation in a non-competitive environment for the purpose of growth and development.

We work to inspire and build innovation capability in your organisation to achieve improved staff engagement, productivity and growth through new knowledge and action with a focus on all aspects and types of innovation.

What makes Hargraves different?

Our difference is what our members bring to the collaborative:

  • An enthusiasm to share their ideas and innovation experiences with you
  • A willingness to connect with fellow members and build direct relationships
  • An understanding that great insights often come from people working in completely different sectors or industries

What's a Member Contact or Primary Contact?

Once an organisation joins Hargraves Institute, any individual within the membership may access any or all of the benefits and activities offered to members, contributing and learning in areas of interest and/or relevance to inspire them both as individuals and employees to achieve greater success innovation and best practice.

We call these people ‘Member Contacts‘. Member Contacts should register their Areas of Responsibility for targeted information, subscribe  and join our Members Linked In Group.

Primary Contacts‘ are the one or two individuals from any membership who are kept updated on the membership itself and receive all general information to circulate within their membership. Annual member plans are also carried out with a Primary Contact to review your innovation goals and ensure the membership is fully maximised across your organisation/department/state.

For Primary Contacts, subscribing to our e-newsletter is integral to being kept updated and circulating information. We also recommend all Primary contacts register their Areas of Responsibility for targeted information, subscribe  and join our Members Linked In Group.

If you’re not sure who the Primary Contact is for your membership, just ask member services!

Why are you called the Hargraves Institute?

The Hargraves Institute is named after aviation pioneer and inventor, Lawrence Hargrave, who refused to patent his inventions and instead shared his knowledge and allowed anyone to benefit from them.

How does ‘Collective Wisdom’ work?

The key to Hargraves is ‘Collective Wisdom’, the experiences and learnings of our innovation community, the connections and interactions of our diverse network, creating a ‘body of knowledge’ shared amongst the members through the art of trusted conversations.

What can Hargraves do for me as an individual?

Company membership of Hargraves Institute provides unrivalled access to other member contacts, allowing you to expand your networks and gain valuable information on a range of topics. Hargraves will help you to gain skills and techniques that will make you a valuable asset to your company.

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What can Hargraves do for my company?

Membership of Hargraves Institute will allow all personnel within your company to share knowledge, learn from other talented people and overcome problems through their participation in a vibrant network where staff can engage in conversations, participate in activities and receive special privileges and benefits.

Our focus on collaboration builds links between companies for the benefit of all involved. Hargraves will give your staff the skills necessary to help your company prosper in a rapidly changing business environment.

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How much will this cost?

Company membership of Hargraves costs $7,500 per annum, with a one off $5,500 joining fee. Members join for 2 years at commencement.

Additional fees apply for organisations over 10,000 employees.

The majority of our activities are free and/or exclusive to members with members receiving a 30% discount for paid events.

Full information on pricing can be found at Fees.

What activities do you run?

The major event on the Hargraves Calendar is Conference. Held annually in either Sydney or Melbourne, Conference provides an excellent opportunity for members to network, hear case studies from other members and share stories and learnings. Non-members benefit too from the opportunity to meet Hargraves members and hear their stories, and to understand the value of collaboration through a trusted network.

For members, we also offer exclusive groups formulated to discuss and collaborate around specific areas of innovation and related member issues.

Our workshops and programs deliver outcomes using tools and content developed by or in conjunction with members to benefit all our member community.

Hargraves has representation in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia, with activities also held in Australian Capital Territory and Western Australia.

How many Hargraves members are there?

Hargraves is committed to a diverse network that will never exceed 100 organisations to ensure that we maintain strong personal relationships with our members and know who is doing what in the various areas of innovation.

At any time the exact number of Hargraves members varies – for some organisations the commitment to Hargraves’ membership is ongoing as a catalyst for benefitting all employees; for others membership is a decision made whilst innovation is a priority for the organisation.

An up to date Membership List is available to any member contacts by contacting Leisl Kimber. Prospective members will be provided with a list by their local Member Advocate.

Is membership available for individuals or companies?

At this time membership of Hargraves is only open to organisations.

If I join, can my competitors join also?

The point of difference for Hargraves is that we provide connections to individuals from a diverse range of industries and sectors – private and public . However, we do have several competing organisations as members and how they interact is covered under our Member Charter. Should a direct competitor of an existing member wish to join Hargraves, we will discuss with the existing member before any invitation is considered.

How much input do member companies have?

All Hargraves activities are designed or sourced at the request of members or address identified member issues with most activities are hosted by members. Each Hargraves member is at their own point in their innovation journey, however, we often find that members can be at a similar point on that innovation journey, despite vast apparent differences in their organisation. With this in mind, often a program or activity designed for one member will address the issues of several other members.

Should a member have an issue which is not shared by other members, Hargraves can offer one on one insights or tailor a customised solution to suit.

Who should I contact for more information?

For further information in the first instance, please contact Leisl Kimber (Membership) or Lisa Mallyon (Events/Conference).