``Many speakers provided great insight into the processes of innovation. I was impressed with the content shared openly`` CSR Building Products

What our conference is

The Hargraves Conference is held annually and is the best opportunity we can offer you to connect, collaborate and share with like minded people across the membership. It’s an opportunity for anyone and everyone, members and guests, to catch up and hear from great speakers – members and guests.

People attending a Hargraves Conference aren’t strangers you’ll never see again. They’re members, friends and people we know. They’ll want to talk to you. To share your ideas, to listen to your thoughts on the speakers, and communicate with you throughout the year. In many cases, Conference lets you reconnect with people you met last year. Making new friends, catching up with old friends – that’s what Conference is about. The networking opportunity is invaluable with people establishing connections with others in a similar field.

Our speakers aren’t selected for their name or prestige or price. You won’t find our speakers presenting around the circuits. You’ll find them at their desk, or in the factory, practicing innovation and developing new ideas, or sharing those ideas with fellow members from our interest groups.

People speak at a Hargraves Conference because we ask them to, not because we pay them. Better still, our speakers won’t run out the door after they’ve presented and never be seen again. They’ll be there to chat to you and hear your thoughts after presenting, and you can follow up with them afterwards if you have question.

What our conference isn’t

A Hargraves Conference isn’t 3 months of buying international speakers, selling tickets, holding the event and then closing up shop. A Hargraves Conference is 12 months in the making. 12 months of listening to members, working with them on their issues, listening to their challenges, finding out what they really want to learn, then finding the best speakers to share their stories and address the issues.

And afterwards, members connecting with each other, revisiting the stories and continuing to practice and learn.

Innovation2017 will be in Sydney on 28 and 29 March 2017

Join us to refresh your innovation strategy