Our Hargraves Team includes well recognised and experienced educators, facilitators and practical innovators, each with extensive experience working both in and with Australian companies. Our team is led by Allan Ryan, who is highly regarded as an innovation thought leader and one of the few individuals who brings a balance of rigour and relevance, discipline and creativity to deliver both incremental and step change innovation.

The knowledge and experience of our team spans all areas of innovation, ensuring they are well placed to facilitate Hargraves groups and member forums, whilst the collective wisdom of our team and our Hargraves community allows us to offer a range of solutions to individual members with specific issues.

Our wider Hargraves community includes partners and experts, known for their expertise in specific areas of innovation, with a swillingness to share their knowledge with members.

Allan Ryan

Founder and Executive Director
0418 614 243

Allan Ryan is an educator and facilitator who enables organisations, both in Australia and internationally, to deliver real competitive advantage through innovation.

John Maclay

Program Manager
0400 457 182

John Maclay is responsible for the development and delivery of many of our key programs, including Business Innovation, Getting Results Without Authority and Leadership for Innovation.

Lisa Mallyon

Events Manager
02 9114 8602

Lisa is responsible for organising all events, including our annual premier function, the Hargraves Institute Conference.

Leisl Kimber

Member Services & Administration
02 9114 8603

Leisl Kimber is responsible for member communications, social media, administration and accounts, and managing our extensive Hargraves database.

Juliet Chandler
Juliet Chandler

Hargraves Conversationalist
0412 580 402

Juliet Chandler is a communications professional, specialising in enquiry and trusted conversations who connects one-to-one with leaders from the Hargraves community to provide the immersive experience of rich conversation.

Annette Dockerty

Member Advocate
0417 220 866

Annette Dockerty is a Hargraves Member Advocate working with members across Australia. Annette’s passion lies in the convergence of technology, people and purpose to deliver the best customer experience by bringing together industry, the R&D community and start-ups.

Owen Muir

Member Advocate
0466 261 876

Owen Muir represents the Hargraves Institute in Queensland. Owen has been immersed in businesses his entire life. He has a passion for optimisation and commercialisation, achieved through finding simple and innovative solutions.

Peter Barnet

Member Advocate
0415 204 335

Peter is the Member Advocate for Hargraves Institute in Victoria. Peter has over 25 years experience in Senior Sales and Marketing roles in global public companies in the areas of industrial manufacturing and distribution.

Peter Cebon

Strategic Innovation Expert
0403 771 141

Peter has almost 30 years experience as a researcher and consultant in the broad areas of innovation management, innovative strategy delivery, organisational design and organisational behaviour.

Ian Locke

Member Advocate, Tasmania
0417 584 422

Ian is a dynamic, innovative professional with expertise at a senior level in corporate governance, strategic planning, marketing, business development, service design and delivery, and stakeholder and operational management. He holds several non-executive directorships.

Jane Cockburn

Design Led Innovation Expert
0403 228 676

Jane has 25 years experience in the healthcare industry across a range of roles and different company structures.

Mark Ryan

Member Advocate, SA
0411 060 632

Mark has been consulting across industry for the last 15 years and has managed budgets of $730 million per year, been a member of the Australian High Commission in Kuala Lumpur, and had risen to senior ranks within Air Force.