The idea for the Hargraves Institute was born in 2005 out of a conversation between Allan Ryan and a senior individual at one of Hargraves Founding Members.

They were discussing how members of large, leading organisations can continue to learn and posed the question “. . .how do we learn, how do we excel, when we’re already very, very good. . .?”

As a large, leading organisation, how do you continue to grow and improve; where does the new knowledge come from? How do you know if something new – a consultant, technique or tool – is appropriate, or if it works?  How can your organisation short-cut the trial and error and fast track your journey of continued success?

The answer arrived at was “. . .to have conversations with diverse companies that are very good, and meet people that are different to ourselves who we can talk to about their experiences. . .” And thus the idea that was to become Hargraves Institute.

Over the following year, through many conversations, Allan developed the vision of a collaborative organisation with leading innovative organisations as members who were sharing knowledge across boundaries. Whilst seeking to convince 10 leading organisations to commit to Hargraves Institute for 5 years upfront, so resonating was the idea, that 12 leading organisations agreed, becoming the 12 Founding Members when Hargraves Institute commenced on 1 July 2006.