Hargraves Institute is named after the aviation pioneer and inventor Lawrence Hargrave who believed in open communications and that his inventions were there to benefit anybody who wished to use them.
Hargraves’ willingness to share his ideas with the world enabled others to achieve manned flight, and this principle of sharing and collaboration to advance knowledge is the cornerstone of Hargraves Institute.
Hargrave's Box Kite
“We believe that every working Australian, given motivation, opportunity and ability, can innovate for the success of their organisation.” Allan Ryan, Executive Director, Hargraves Institute

Inspired by a question from a leading member, “. . .how do we learn, how do we excel, when we’re already very, very good. . .?”

Founded in Australia in 2006 by leading organisations, Hargraves Institute is a membership community, collaborating, sharing best practice and identifying emerging trends to make Australia more innovative.

The key to Hargraves is ‘Collective Wisdom’. Knowledge and learning shared between members through collaboration, trusted conversations and connections.

Our difference is community. Built on the foundation of a diverse community of people and companies who embrace this diversity to improve through innovation and sharing. Our members understand that great insights often come from completely different industries and sectors. By collaborating with like-minded people outside of their own area, members gain a new and different perspective.

Members engage and participate with:

  • An enthusiasm to share their ideas and innovation experiences.
  • A willingness to connect with fellow members and build direct relationships.
  • An understanding that great insights often come from people working in completely different sectors or industries.
  • A non-competitive approach in a safe environment to inspire innovation and foster collaboration.

Whether it’s product, performance, service, process, strategy, top down, bottom up, breakthrough, incremental, transformational – anyone can become more innovative, because the more we share, the more we learn.